Slide To Safety was initially developed as a way to protect students in school from active gunman situations; however, it proves itself useful in almost every emergency situation. The idea of the slide came from the aviation industry, where the slide is used to evacuate passengers from a plane in an emergency. In those situations, time is of the essence.

Simon will show you the variety of emergency situations in which our slide saves lives:

Slide To Safety Simon the Safety Seal
Rapid Escape Slide To Safety Active Gunman Scenario
Rapid Escape Slide To Safety Active Gunman Scenario

Active Gunman

During an active gunman situation, schools or offices will lockdown the building. While this is a good tactic for containing the gunman, it could put other students or occupants in extreme danger. What if the school locks down while the gunman is on the same hall as your child’s classroom? During a lockdown, students squeeze into a corner or closet that is not visible from the door. However, a gunman may know about those blind spots, or they may want to check every room just in case. If you think the lock will keep them out, you’re wrong. They have a gun – more than likely, they’ll shoot through the glass on the door and unlock it from the outside.

Your best plan of action is to exit the building. The Slide To Safety can be inflated and evacuate an average size classroom in less than a minute. Even if you’re on the second or third floor of your building. A gunman is inclined to pinpoint those areas that are harder to escape–don’t give them the advantage! Install the Slide To Safety in every classroom and office in your school building. The entire building can be evacuated in less than a minute!

The Slide to Safety allows:

  • Everyone to exit the building promptly to avoid any or more casualties.
  • As the slides deploy, they alert authorities of the emergency. That way, every person in the building can focus solely on getting to a safe area.
  • Innocent people won’t get caught in the crossfire when first responders arrive to apprehend the gunman, since they will be out of the building and in a safe location.

Similarly, most workplaces hold the same capacity or possibly more than a school and are faced with the same problems. They’re only taught to hide, and when you’re adrenaline is pumping and you’re scared, it can be hard to keep quiet and stay still. Give those people a chance and a place to run! There may be more people per room in a commercial building than in a school, but a building could still be evacuated within minutes. Wouldn’t you prefer a quick way out instead of hiding under desks, hoping that the gunman doesn’t stop on your floor?

The Slide To Safety not only gets students out of a school building under attack, but if someone breaks into your home while you are on the upper floor, your family can flee the house in less than 30 seconds. It is never advised to confront a burglar directly. The slide allows you to escape the dangerous situation without confronting the intruder, and the authorities will be automatically alerted as well.

Gas Leak

Unfortunately, a gas leak can happen anywhere and an aging infrastructure is particularly susceptible to a leak, as piping loses its seal or breaks because of wear. Regardless of where it happens, a gas leak is extremely dangerous. Any flame or spark in the area could cause a fire or explosion. It’s a delicate atmosphere.

The first step of a gas leak emergency procedure is to evacuate the building. And what better way to quickly evacuate a building than by using the Slide To Safety?

Operating any kind of electrical equipment could cause a spark, which requires extreme caution to be exercised during a gas leak. Imagine trying to shuffle a classroom full of students out of a classroom and telling them not to use their cell phones until they’ve exited the building? With the Slide To Safety, you can get those technologically-dependent teens out of the room and far enough away from the building that they can still tweet about it safely within minutes.

When the slide deploys, authorities are immediately alerted. This allows everyone to focus on getting themselves out of the building and away from the contaminated area. No one has to worry about calling 9-1-1 because the system does it for you!

Rapid Escape Slide To Safety Gas Leak Scenario
Rapid Escape Slide To Safety Bomb Threat Scenario

Bomb Threat

When a bomb threat is called in to a school or commercial building, the first step is to evacuate the entire building. While many people call in bomb threats only intending to interrupt normal activities, the threat must be treated as if it’s real. Anyone in a building potentially containing a bomb must evacuate immediately.

Unfortunately, if a bomb threat is real, it is impossible to know if the explosive will be detonated in three minutes or thirty. Using the Slide to Safety, you can evacuate an entire building rapidly and direct occupants a safe distance away from the threat. The slide also notifies authorities which allows them to reach the scene and assess the threat faster.

Fire / Smoke

Currently, if there is a fire in a building, the ear-piercing alarms sound and people evacuate the building through the hallways. Then the hallways become crowded and no one is going anywhere fast. Using this method, it could take more minutes than are available to fully evacuate a building. A fire can spread rapidly. People must evacuate quickly.

The Slide To Safety inflatable slide allows occupants to exit a building in seconds rather than minutes!

What if it’s the middle of the night and your family is all sleeping in their bedrooms, but you hear the smoke alarm sound throughout the house? First, feel your door. If it’s hot, don’t go through it. Your only other option is the window. But what if you’re on an upper floor of your home or in an apartment building? In a desperate situation, it may not be that daunting to jump out the window, but what if you could just slide out the window and avoid any injuries? The Slide To Safety can be attached to the window of your bedroom to provide a safe exit.

Why limit the slide to your alternate method of escape though? You still run the risk of getting trapped or inhaling black smoke if you leave your bedroom to exit the house. It should be your first reaction to a fire in your home. Teach your other family members how to use the Slide To Safety as well. Everyone can escape quickly and meet in a safe place outside. You won’t put anyone in danger of the fire or the black smoke that can fill up your lungs and cause asphyxiation. Whether you’re at home, school, or work, you can save precious moments and lives by making the Slide To Safety your first means of escape from a building on fire.

Rapid Escape Slide To Safety Hazardous Chemical or Gaseous Substance Scenario

Hazardous Chemical or Gaseous Substance

Sometimes when handling a hazardous chemical or gaseous substance at work or at school, an accident may occur. A spill of hazardous substances will expose them to the atmosphere, causing various, dangerous reactions. Installing a Slide To Safety in your lab at work or school, will provide people with a quick way to escape a room engulfed in dangerous chemicals or gases.

Those chemicals or gases could be dangerous on their own to humans, or they could cause explosions or other dangerous reactions. Regardless, you need a way to escape that room quickly. You may need to evacuate an entire building, depending on the type of hazardous material. The Slide To Safety is the immediate escape that will also alert authorities of the incident. Individuals qualified to handle the emergency will be able to quickly arrive on the scene.

Natural Disaster

For most natural disasters you need to stay indoors, such as: tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, or hurricanes. However, there are circumstances in which you need to evacuate a building quickly following it. Consider what happens if there’s an earthquake. Glass can shatter, large furniture can topple over, and buildings can collapse. It’s actually dangerous to try to leave the building or head for a doorway during an earthquake. Your best option is to drop down on the ground, before the quake knocks you down, and cover your neck and head. But following an earthquake you could become trapped in a room or building. The Slide to Safety can inflate in under six seconds and get you out of a building before the structural integrity is compromised.

Similarly, if a tornado tears through your building there’s a chance it makes that room you occupy more dangerous than being outside. If that’s the case, deploy the Slide To Safety to evacuate before you suffer any injury.

Rapid Escape Slide To Safety Natural Disaster Scenario
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