Traveling the open road in your Recreation Vehicle, meeting new people along your journey, is an exhilarating experience for young and old alike. After a long day of travel and sightseeing, there is no better feeling than settling into your comfy bed for a good night’s rest while listening to the crickets chirping around you. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike should your hard day of travel cause engine problems leading to a fire.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA),

each year there is an average of 5,540 fires in motor homes or other recreation vehicles. Many fires begin in the engine area which means your usual route of entry and exit to the vehicle may be blocked. That’s where Slide to Safety’s rapid evacuation slide can save your family from harm!

By simply pulling a release lever, the slide will release from a window in the back of the RV, inflating within 6 seconds. A family of 6 can exit the motor home in under 30 seconds, without risking injury from jumping out a window several feet above the ground..

That’s where Slide to Safety’s rapid evacuation slide can save your family from harm!


• Rapid 6 Second Inflation Time

• Retrofits to existing RVs with ease

• Easily installed by RV technicians

• Fabric of slide meets and exceeds FAA regulations

• All exterior components housed below RV to keep unit out of sight

• Quick disconnects for internal mounting allow unit to be stowed during your drive

• Lightweight and Compact – size of a carry on suitcase

• Simple to use operation makes unit virtually fail-safe

Slide To Safety Can Be Your Ultimate Tool In An Emergency Situation

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