Emergency Manager

As an emergency manager you are responsible for keeping people safe.  With the many threats against human safety this is quite a daunting task.

The best way to create a safe environment is to have a strong action plan that includes many options for a secure exit of a potentially disastrous situation. Slide to Safety is the next piece of the puzzle to be added to your emergency management strategy.

Slide to Safety allows for rapid evacuation of rooms, from a door or window, when the threat to safety obstructs the normal emergency exit. A fire, active gunman, or other emergency means the usual methods of exit may not be available to a building.  Slide to Safety allows people to remove themselves from the threat within 6 seconds of inflation.

Rapid Evacuation I am an Emergency Manager
Rapid Evacuation I am an educator


As an educator, Slide to Safety is asking for your support in raising awareness of the need for rapid evacuation slides in our schools.

Teachers should not have to use their own bodies or give up their own lives as shields to protect their students in emergency situations. Educators are also parents, grandparents, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, with so many others that depend on you daily.

The Slide to Safety was developed to not only protect students, but educators as well. A classroom can be evacuated and occupants free from danger in only seconds after deploying the rapid evacuation slide.

Government Official

As an elected government official, you hold no greater responsibility than protecting the lives of your constituents. Being a helpless bystander in any threat to human lives is unacceptable. But when you are elected to a position that has the power to protect others, not taking action is reprehensible.

Slide to Safety is here. It is ready to be implemented and installed. In only 90 days from the first order, 300 Made in the USA slides per day can be produced to start protecting the lives of those who have placed their trust in you.

Please bring the slide to reality by passing the legislation required to fund implementation. You owe it to your constituents, but most importantly you owe it to your own children and grandchildren.

Rapid Evacuation I am a Government Offcial
Rapid Evacuation I am a Parent/Guardian

Parent or Guardian

As a parent or guardian you are already acutely aware of the biological desire to protect our children. The need to protect, to be the Mama or Papa Bear, is in the DNA that makes us all. Slide to Safety is calling on you to take action from the very soul of your being to help protect our children.

It is a sad reality that our children must face lockdown drills and the fears that a shooting could happen in their school. While not all are covered in the media, it is a fact that there is at least one incident involving guns in school every single day of the year. We continue to hear of the teachers that have given their lives to protect their students by hiding them in cupboards and closets because they had nowhere else to go.

But the solution is here. Within a few seconds of the first signs of danger, students and teachers can safely slide out of their classroom – slide away from the potentially deadly situation. And now that we have the ability for quick escape, we need your help to bring the slide to every classroom in the country.


If you are a student that has come to learn more about Slide to Safety, we applaud you for your commitment to protecting not only your own life, but the lives of others. If you are under 18, I encourage you to share this page with your parents. Please ask them to demand school officials install the Slide to Safety in every classroom above the first floor to provide a safe escape.

If you are a student of higher education, you have the unique ability to share Slide to Safety with many individuals. College campuses are the perfect setting to garner support for passing legislation to make the slide mandatory in all buildings on campus.

Rapid Evacuation I am a Student

RV Enthusiast

As an RV enthusiast you have a sense of adventure and a desire to explore the open road. Traveling the open roads is pure bliss and ‘camping out’ in comfort allows you to enjoy the comradery of camping while still enjoying the luxuries of home. You may be adventuring with your spouse, children or even grandchildren, so you have a great sense of responsibility to care for your travel companions.

Those responsibilities don’t stop when you park your home on wheels, but continue with the fire risks associated with motor homes. Fortunately, Slide to Safety will make you sleep a little more soundly each night in knowing you have a quick exit from multiple locations within your RV should an emergency arise.

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