Commercial Buildings

Do you work in a cubicle in a large office building? Do you ever worry about how you would escape in the event of an emergency? Let’s say you work on the same floor as 50 other people and there is a fire in your building. What would you do? Typically, you would have a bit of panic and all personnel would run to the nearest fire exit. Now multiply the number of people using the stairs by the number of floors in your building. All of those people aren’t able to get through that exit door and down the steps at one time. Slide To Safety prevents the traffic jam that occurs when a large number of people are running for the same exit. Especially when that exit is a narrow stairwell or hallway. Our slides can effectively evacuate 25 people from a room in under 1 minute. Your entire floor could evacuate the building within two minutes. As opposed to the ten or twenty minutes (or even longer) it could take the crowd to exit your floor through the entrance of the building, along with several other people exiting from other floors. You have to ask yourself, what if there’s a fire and it’s blocking your emergency exit completely? Slide To Safety provides the safe and rapid alternative evacuation necessary when these types of dangerous situations occur.

Educational Facilities

The Slide To Safety ® was created specifically in response to the Sandy Hook school shooting on December 14th, 2012. Slide To Safety recognized the need for an alternate method of escape for students in schools, particularly in the case of an active shooter or gunman on campus.   

While that is still a major purpose of STS, it serves many purposes and provides a secure escape in any emergency situation for students and faculty in schools.  Do you remember being in school and practicing fire drills once a month or so? Everyone meandered out of the classroom, partnered up with their friends in the hall, and formed a crowd playing around outside. There’s no doubt that students don’t remember where to go, but why do we practice only one evacuation route? What are students to do if there is a fire raging in the hallway, blocking the classroom’s usual evacuation route? Scenarios like this are why Slide To Safety ® must be implemented into every school building. It’s the perfect solution for a quick, secure exit for a large amount of people. It provides students and teachers an alternate method of exiting the building safely.

Government Buildings

Any type of state or federal government building is usually highly populated and is generally a potential target for dangerous situations. According to a 2013 study provided by FEMA, one of the high-risk targets for acts of terrorism is civilian government facilities.  In this type of situation multiple forms of egress are paramount


Do you have bedrooms or common rooms on the 2nd or 3rd floor of your home? Is the only exit from your home the front or back door on the first/ground floor?  

If an intruder breaks into your home on the ground floor while you’re on the second floor, you need to be able to exit from that upper floor to avoid confrontation. It’s not the safest option to try and get past the criminal to exit your home. If you are to hide, there’s no guarantee you will be safe and this intruder will not find you. If in this event you are able to exit your home from your bedroom in seconds, then you will be able to contact the authorities quickly thus keeping you and your family safe from harm.
If a fire breaks out on the first floor while you’re upstairs sleeping, you don’t have to go in the direction of the fire. You can quickly inflate Slide To Safety and safely be out of the your home in seconds. During a fire, which can engulf a home in as little as five minutes, the time it takes you to exit the house makes all the difference. You can install these in every room of your home and instruct your children how to engage the slide. This way, they can let themselves out quickly if you’re unable to get to their room.  Even if you just need another way to exit your own private residence, Slide To Safety ® is the perfect system for you.