About Slide To safety

SLIDE TO SAFETY™ (STS) is a Patented  Rapid Evacuation System (RES) developed as an alternative method of evacuation from multiple story buildings.

Today, everyone understands the need for sophisticated emergency evacuation planning to protect lives from unexpected events. That’s our specialty – Alternative Methods of Evacuation –  AME™.

Alternative Methods of Evacuation is any method that is outside the traditional method or forms of egress. SLIDE TO SAFETY™ has adopted an outside-the-box style approach when addressing the issue of egress from buildings in emergency situations with its portfolio of specialized safety products and comprehensive training and certification curriculum.

Our proactive approach, coupled with our truly revolutionary products and training, gives our customers the missing tools needed to safeguard people who may find themselves in harm’s way.

SLIDE TO SAFETY™ has grown into a leader in AME® solutions, providing innovative systems to safely evacuate, shield and safeguard people from and within buildings. These include schools, colleges, universities, commercial offices, residences, apartment buildings, motels and hotels, hospitals, government facilities, or any multi-storied building.

Our patented solutions are truly original and unique alternative evacuation and protection systems, dedicated to providing mass and rapid evacuation and protection in virtually any kind of emergency. Moreover, every emergency preparedness group — ambulance, EMS, fire department, rescue squad — can rely on our evacuation systems and equipment to aid in the rescue of people trying to safely exit a building.

The design and development of SLIDE TO SAFETY™ solutions are the result of years of research, testing and collaboration with fire rescue professionals and other first responders.

Blair White – founder of SLIDE TO SAFETY™ developed this patented product for one purpose, that is to save lives.