Cutting-Edge Technology


Rapid Evacuation System


Cutting-Edge Technology

Telescoping Stairs

Multi-Level Capabilities

Ease of Use


Optional Push Handle

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Why Us

Slide To Safety ® was developed to provide an alternative method of evacuation from buildings.  Using cutting edge technology our rapid evacuation slides allows just that.
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How it Works

Slide To Safety ® patented rapid evacuation system was designed to use cutting edge technology that has successfully saved lives in the aviation industry for years, but STS took it to another level and developed technologies that provide an all-purpose rapid evacuation system, as an Alternative Methods of Evacuation – AME® –  to save lives in various situations.
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Vision / Purpose

Blair White – founder ofSlide To Safety ® developed this patented product for one purpose, that is to save lives.  Our patented systems now provides Alternative Methods of Evacuation – AME® – to all types of buildings for all types of emergency situations.
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Easy To Use

With our patented product, any user can activate the Slide To Safety ® rapid evacuation system.

We believe the greatest product/idea is one that (a) solves a problem and (b) is simple to operate and use. Slide To Safety is exactly that product!


Patented Proprietary Inflation System

Slide to Safety – Anywhere, any Situation





AME® – Alternative Methods of Evacuation

Are you ready to invest in protecting a human life from

natural and man made tragedies?

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