Meet Simon the Safety Seal, “sliding” into schools soon to teach your kids about safety education!

As momentum is growing for Slide to Safety’s rapid evacuation slide to become a reality in schools throughout the country, we recognize the need to be able to communicate with children in a non-threatening way.  The communication needs to be clear about the dangers being faced in school, but it doesn’t need to be presented harshly. That’s why we are introducing our new mascot ~ Please Meet Simon the Safety Seal!

Simon will slide into schools to teach students how, when and why to use the emergency evacuation slide by:

  • Hosting safety assemblies
  • Leading the line in student test runs of what it feels like to Slide to Safety
  • Online games teaching applicable times to use the slide
  • Coloring Books
  • and so much more!

But now it’s your turn!  Where would you like to see Simon the Safety Seal in the future?